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Check Microchip

Come this way to discover if your pet's microchip is registered with Chipworks. This handy chip check facility will quickly tell you the registration status of your pet's microchip. Remember, your pet's microchip needs to be registered in order to function as a reunification aid.

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Transferring Keepership

It is now a legal requirement for dogs to be microchipped and to be recorded as part of the current keeper's contact details on a government-compliant database. If your dog is microchipped using a microchip associated with the Chipworks database, you will need to perform a Transfer of Keepership by law. To transfer keepership (also referred to as ownership) of a pet that is registered with Chipworks you will need the access credentials for the registered chip in order to use the Chipworks Portal.

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Contact Us

You should be able to find answers to all your pet microchipping questions here on our site, but for those occasions when you need more personal assistance with our services, you will find a number of alternative channels of communication are available to you.

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Check/Update Details

If you received access credentials from Chipworks regarding your pet's microchip, you can use the credentials to enter the Chipworks Portal where a number of services are available. You can use our basic package to verify the registered details and obtain documentation to enable the transfer of your pet's keepership to another person. For a small update fee you can add extra reunification information, make changes to medical data, revise physical descriptions and more.

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Register a Microchip

Sometimes we come across a situation where someone has a pet that is already microchipped but the owner does't know if, where or to whom the chip is registered. Maybe the animal has been imported, or the animal was chipped before you took possession of it, or perhaps the previous owner never transferred the chip to your name and details. You can use our inexpensive self-registration service to register an existing unregistered microchip.

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Chipworks Platinum Club

Platinum Club members, in addition to free access to all the services of the basic package, have access to an additional range of services, many of which are free for the entire time that the pet is in your keepership. These include revision of details if you change address and free recording of temporary keepership during holidays. Platinum Club membership pairs an owner with a pet as part of a single registration fee, which for those who make use of the additional services will be cost-effective over the duration of your keepership.

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