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Chip checker

Search Chipworks and other compliant UK microchip databases to find out where a microchip is registered.

Authorised organisations can look up animal and keeper details for identification and reunification.

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Implanters - register

Log in to record a new microchip registration or access the other features of your account.

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Buy a collar tag

Choose from our range of designs and sizes then customise the engraving text on your tag.

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Transfer keepership

Use the microchip number and 8 digit transfer PIN to transfer your pet's microchip into your name.

For dogs, it's a legal requirement to make sure the microchip is registered correctly.

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Check/update details

Log in to your pet's registration to check the details, make changes and download an up-to-date registration certificate at any time.

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Pet owners - register a microchip

Sometimes a microchip hasn't been registered - perhaps an oversight by the implanter or the previous keeper, or the animal may have been imported.

Use our self-registration service to register your pet.


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