Transfer of keepership

It's important that your pet's microchip registration details are kept up to date so that you have the best chance of being reunited with them if they ever go missing.

That means it's also important to make sure that the registration is in your name and not still in the name of the breeder, previous keeper or rescue organisation that you got your pet from. Don't rely on the previous keeper to have done this for you unless you have received confirmation that the microchip is registered in your name.

Dogs have been required by law since April 2016 to be microchipped and for the keeper details to be kept up to date on a recognised Defra-compliant database and you may be committing an offence if the microchip is not correctly registered.

If your pet's microchip is not registered in your name, you will need to complete a transfer of keepership.

If you are the new keeper...

To transfer the microchip registration into your name, you will need your pet's 15 digit microchip number and an 8 digit Transfer PIN (also known as a transfer code) order to do this online.

The previous (current) keeper should have given you the Transfer PIN along with other paperwork e.g. purchase receipt, vaccination card etc. But don't worry if you haven't got a Transfer PIN; we'll be able to provide you with one after we check a few details with you as part of our validation process. Just click the button below and complete the contact form.

If you have been given a 5 digit Owner PIN by the previous keeper, DO NOT USE IT as you will not be able to transfer the registration into your name.

If you are the current registered keeper...

If your pet is going to a new home, you can log in to your pet's registration to find the transfer PIN to give to the new keeper so that they can complete the transfer of keepership online. You can log in with your pet's 15-digit microchip number and the 5 digit Owner PIN.

The 5 digit Owner PIN was sent to you in the confirmation email when your pet's microchip was registered. If you can't find your Owner PIN, please contact us to let us know and we'll regenerate the confirmation email for you.

No Chipworks login details?

The microchip number and corresponding PIN (supplied by Chipworks) are required to log in. Where possible, the PIN for the owner/keeper is sent to you by email when the chip is registered. If you do not have your login details, please contact us for assistance.

Do you work for a rehoming organisation?

Authorised rehoming organisations can transfer keepership online via their Chipworks account.

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