Veterinary Organisations

Here at Chipworks we realise the importance of a reliable, accessible and easy-to-use database and we work tirelessly to provide this infrastructure to the veterinary profession.

We realise that in busy practices, you rely on seamless and integrated technology to register your clients' details and we are proud of our continued investment in the development of our database.

We also know that your working day does not stop at 5 o'clock and that's why we provide reunification facilities 24 hours a day.

Chipworks is an associate member of EuroPetNet, a pan-European database that ensures that your clients' pets can be identified across Europe if they travel abroad with them. EuroPetNet stores details for over one hundred million animals and is the most referred to Database in Europe for these purposes. So even when your clients travel abroad with their pets, we're keeping an eye out for them.

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