What is Xtra?

On Chipworks, there are two types of registration; basic and Xtra. With a basic registration you can update some information about you and your pet free of charge at any time. This includes your pet's status (lost/found), your pet's name, and essential contact information i.e. your telephone numbers and your email address.

For other changes we charge a small fee that helps us to provide the 24/7/365 reunification service required by law.

If you upgrade to Chipworks Xtra for a one-off fee, you can make changes as often as you like FREE of charge for as long as you are the registered keeper of your pet.

Other benefits include the first 12 months membership of Chipworks Vetline, a FREE collar tag and access to enhanced offers (subject to availability). You can find more information about Chipworks Vetline below and you can redeem your FREE collar tag via the menu option when you log in to your pet's microchip registration.

You can sign up to Chipworks Xtra when your pet's microchip is first registered or transferred into your name, or you can upgrade from a basic registration at any time during your pet's life.

What's included? Basic Xtra
database record for the life of the pet Yes Yes
24/7 reunification service Yes Yes
update details FREE of charge at any time whilst you are the registered keeper No Yes
addition of temporary holiday contact details No Yes
first 12 months Chipworks Vetline 24/7 vet advice service (normally £8.95) No Yes
FREE engraved collar tag (normally £8.95) No Yes
access to enhanced offers (subject to availability) No Yes

* Unlimited free updates apply as long as you are the registered keeper of the pet.
You must redeem your FREE collar tag within 12 months

The cost of Chipworks Xtra is per pet but we can provide a discount if you have more than 2 pets that you wish to upgrade at the same time. Please contact our customer support team on 0330 107 0958 for further assistance. We can't apply a discount retrospectively if you have already upgraded more than 2 pets.

Unfortunately, you can't transfer Chipworks Xtra to another owner if you sell or give away your pet, or if the pet's registration is transferred to someone else. Your pet's membership of Chipworks Xtra does not include the cost of transferring the registration to someone else.

What is Vetline?

Chipworks Vetline is veterinary advice line which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to enable members** to talk about ANY health concerns they may have about their cats, dogs or rabbits.

Our pets can't tell us when something is wrong so it can be worrying when they seem under the weather and the only change is in their mood or personality. We want pet owners to be proactive about their pet's health so Chipworks Vetline gives members a chance to talk through their concerns at the first sign of trouble.

Chipworks Vetline is provided by The Vet Connection (a trading style of Vetsdirect Ltd) which has been around since 2003 and deals with over 100,000 enquiries from pet owners each year.

All calls are handled by a national network of RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) registered veterinary nurses who have a minimum of three years practical experience (many of them decades) and most hold advanced qualifications.

** Chipworks Vetline membership is available for a small fee of £8.95 SPECIAL OFFER £4.95 per year and is provided FREE for the first 12 months for any registration that has been upgraded to Chipworks Xtra.

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