Transfer of Keepership

When the keepership of a pet is being transferred, there are two people involved. One is the New Keeper and the other is the Current Keeper. On this page you will find instructions for both.

If you are the new keeper...

To transfer your pet's keepership into your name and address you will need the Chipworks Transfer Code and the animal's microchip number in order to do this online.

The previous (current) keeper should have passed you a document titled 'Transfer Keepership of your Microchipped Pet'. This contains the chip's unique Chipworks Transfer Code, which is 8 digits long.

If you are the current recorded keeper...

If your pet is going to a new home, please download the Chipworks Transfer Code (PDF) from within your account. This must be passed to the new keeper to allow them to change the details into their name and address online. Use the microchip number and the owner/keeper PIN to log in.

No Chipworks login details?

The microchip number and corresponding PIN (supplied by Chipworks) are required to log in. Where possible, the PIN for the owner/keeper is sent to you by email when the chip is registered. If you do not have your login details, please contact us for assistance.

Do you work for a rehoming organisation?

Animal welfare or rehoming organisations will be able to rehome animals online when you have found them a new home.

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